Cancel Winter and the “Holidays”

by W. Andrew Powell

Cancel Winter - CD ReleaseIf you’ve been watching TV recently you probably keep seeing these Joe Fresh Style ads with the dancing girls and the title “Hooray For the Holidays”. Now, the ad is pretty cool for just a clothing ad, but the reason it actually works is because that song is totally addictive.

For anyone wondering the song is called “Time For the Holidays” and it’s by a band from Toronto called Cancel Winter.

You can download the song or watch the video over at the website, and don’t forget to check out the band’s MySpace page for their other music, including a cool song called “The Silence”.

(As you can tell from the image, they’re also having their CD release party this next Friday, December 21 at the El Mocambo.)

P.S. While we’re on the topic of great ad songs from the Joe campaigns, be sure to check out Rhonda Stakich on the site too. “Dream Tonight” and “Mixed Up” are so catchy, and you can find her on MySpace too.

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