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Apple rumours: A win and a loss

Some interesting news coming out of the U.S. in the whole Apple/Think Secret lawsuit. Apple was peeved that Nicholas M. Ciarelli kept posting rumours about upcoming Apple products ahead of their official announcement, so they took Ciarelli to court.

There were a lot of questions south of the border as to whether websites could be considered journalists and receive legal protection from lawsuits like this.

Well, Ciarelli ended up coming to a settlement with Apple, but the catch is that Think Secret will be closed based on the agreement. A New York Times article goes into more detail, but I find this horribly depressing. Another independent site closed down based on big-business ā€“ and ultimately, this was a fan site for Apple.

Iā€™m sure Ciarelli is happy though ā€“ I mean, he made a name for himself and stands to move on to bigger things.

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