Hollywood writers strike may be near end

by W. Andrew Powell

Looks like good news is finally coming out of the Hollywood writers strike. The LA Times reported today that a deal is very close, and some of the big stumbling blocks are almost worked out.

A final contract could be presented to the Writers Guild of America board as early as Friday, according to three people close to the talks who asked not to be identified because the negotiations are confidential.

As most people know now, the biggest issue for writers has been the amount of pay for content shown for free on the web, and apparently, there was a breakthrough on that issue Friday.

The bad news, as I’ve said before, is that even with a deal getting ironed out this month, the chances of having many new shows on the air for the fall is almost completely unlikely. There is still some time, but it is going to be very tight. More than likely it will be next January before we see much in the form of big, new TV programming.

My goal now is just to get my name on the lists to attend the television critics tour this summer.

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