The best of the Superbowl commercials

by W. Andrew Powell

Every year, even if I don’t like the teams that end up at the Superbowl, I have to watch the game. I was a Denver Broncos fans since I was a kid, and I only stopped following them when John Elway retired.

Like most Canadians, who can’t see the American ads during the show, I end up searching the web for all of the ads that played. Apparently this year AOL nabbed all of the ads, and there was a lot of crap in there, but I picked out five of the totally best, and funniest, ads.

Here they are, in no particular order – more after the jump…

Bridgestone: Squirrel

FedEx: Pigeons

Tide: Stain

Iron Man Trailer

Honourable Mention:
Pepsi: Justin Timberlake

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