Ryan Reynolds signs up for ‘Wolverine’

by W. Andrew Powell

Don’t ask me why I’m shocked, but Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Deadpool in the upcoming Wolverine prequel to the X-Men films and I’m just totally not sure what to do with this information. As a former comic/X-Men fan, I think I can safely say it’s a perfect fit, but I’m still all shocked and stuff.

The whole man-crush aside I’m also feeling torn – I never liked Deadpool, but with Reynolds in the role, I might be convinced to think he’s kinda cool. And Taylor Kitsch starring as Gambit? Well, you have some insanely cool boots to fill my friend, so good luck there.

And that’s not even a sampling of the cast, there’s freakin’ will.i.am, Liev Schreiber, and of course, Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine.

Whole lot of very cool stars getting together for this and all I can think of is why the hell did it take so long to make this movie?

Check out the article over at Variety for more on the film.

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