There is an admission of guilt that needs to be made before I can tell you about the video I’ve snagged for you below. Back in the day, when I was younger and addicted to crappy music, I enjoyed Paula Abdul‘s music. I was of course not alone in liking her – she was freaking everywhere, but thankfully she eventually went away and took her Scat Kat along with her.

But somehow, and for some ungodly reason, the people at Fox decided to dig up her bones and stick her on TV to expound her (drunken?) wisdom about music and, surprisingly, singing. Who ever thought Paula was a great singer, I don’t know, it sure wasn’t ever me, but the result is that someone also got it into their head to give her a fresh chance at a singing career.

The result is the glorious crap that is “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this is the worst thing since Paris Hilton decided she could sing, but check it out and see what you think.

Best part? Randy Jackson of course!

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3 Responses

  1. Paul

    I like her voice and her dancing. And I think the video is good….not her best but still very good. And I enjoy her comeback. Wish her the best and thank you FOX for supporting her. Good job.

  2. oldschool

    While the author of this article is entitled to his opinion – if Paula was so bad the first time – explain album sales of around 50+ million or so??? Yup – her singing and dancing were just terrible and as far as “Dance Like There I No Tomorrow” – once again her “horrible” voice and dancing (it is called talent knucklehead!) explains all the “buzz” along with the zillions of hits it is getting on youtube and otherwise. In comparison to say “Britney who??? Paula needs to strip down quite a bit more in clothing; put a nose clip to make her voice more nasal like Britney: get married again-have two kids and then lose custody of them-expose your entire body multiple times over on the internet and then?? Oh yeah – shave your head-multiple tatoos and pieces of metal all over (they call it body art/self-expression – translated “ridiculous” and move toward hip hop more along with adding the “F” word along with a lot more sexual overtones into a rewrite of “Dance LIke There Is No Tomorrow” and then maybe both the author and the others will be happy then – then it will be a
    hit?? I have watched/listned too/ and seen the official video for this song and love them and cannot wait for the new album. Nowif Steve Perry would start talking to Journey and some other groups from the 1980’s and otherwise would get back together – maybe some real music againg where you can actually understand the words and the performers singing are becoming stars for their singing and dancing ability instead of their looks and how much controversy they create!