Ashley Alexandra Dupre
Ashley Alexandra Dupré

You have got to give this girl credit, you can’t turn around right now without seeing the name Ashley Alexandra Dupré somewhere in the news, and she has apparently found a way to make this work for her.

Sure, being involved in a scandal with a New York Senator and being outed as a call girl is no slice of heaven – there are certainly better ways to become infamous – but when life handed her a lemon, what did Dupré do? She made tart, flavourless lemonade of course.

If you didn’t know already, Dupré has a very, very, popular little MySpace page, and not only can you listen to her R&B music stylings, you can even find a link there to go buy her song “What We Want” and one other track over at Amie Street. All for the low price of $1.98.

There is really no need for me to tell you the songs are no good – that should be obvious already, but I’ll gladly admit that I’m shocked they’re not terrible. In fact, they’re about as good as most of the crap on the radio. You couldn’t pay me to put them on my Zune, but they are definitely inoffensive.

So what now for Ashley? Will she trade in all that infamy for a record deal? Compared to the call girl trade there is more money to be had in letting a record label be the ones bending you over a hotel bed, and no one will even be shocked when they discover what’s happening.

Whatever she does, you can expect a little more fall-out in the coming weeks. Apparently the folks at Girls Gone Wild were fortunate enough to nab Ashley on her eighteenth birthday and captured seven tapes worth of her nude antics.

As Alexis Petridis at the Guardian points out though, unlike all of the other skanky-type pop divas out there, you can at least say Ashley is honest when she sings lyrics like: “Make me nasty, show me what you need, bend me over, take me there … pull it like you want it, toss me all around.”

Image courtesy Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s MySpace page.

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