Safe driving tips for the holidays

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The holidays are almost in full swing, and to give you a few ideas how to stay safe during the festivities, we wanted to pass on Insurance Hunter’s Christmas safety tips, that should point you in the right direction as you visit family and share in the spirit of the season.

The 12 Safe Driving Tips of Christmas

1. Prepare your vehicle: The holiday season is a busy time of year. Even so, don’t forget to do the regular maintenance on your vehicle to get it ready for the season.

2. Don’t leave gifts visible in your car: Unfortunately, thieves target vehicles during the holiday season because of the increase in the number of people shopping. So, make sure that you keep all of your purchases out of plain sight when you put them in the car.

3. Brush all the snow off your vehicle: Before driving anywhere it is important to brush all the snow off your car to ensure you have proper visibility and so that you don’t blind other vehicles if the snow fly’s off your car when you are driving.

4. Stay home if the weather is bad: Even though you may have been looking forward to doing a little Christmas shopping, if the weather is really bad, stay home. Remember, you can also do some shopping online.

5. Stay focused on the road: With so much going on, it is easy for drivers to start thinking about things like gift ideas, planning dinners, and scheduling events while they drive. Keep your focus where it needs to be when behind the wheel.

6. Drive outside of peak hours: Try to plan your shopping trips outside of peak driving hours. Most stores have extended hours, so why not take advantage of this and avoid the traffic.

7. Pay extra attention in mall parking lots: Parking lots are extremely busy during the holiday season. Pay extra attention and watch out for other cars and pedestrians.

8. Have a plan for the kids: With all the holiday treats and the imminent arrival of Santa, there is no doubt your kids will be little more excited than usual. So, before you get in the car make sure you have something to occupy your children. And, if an issue arises while you are in the car, let your partner or an adult passenger handle it so you can focus on the road.

9. Plan a ride home from holiday parties: If you plan on attending a holiday party, make sure you have plans to get home safely. Use public transportation, have a designated driver, or use a designated driver service to get home if you plan on drinking.

10. Have a winter emergency kit: Make sure that you have a winter emergency kit in your car. You never know what can happen on the roads in the winter, so be prepared.

11. Take breaks if driving long distances: Many people often drive long distances to visit family. If you are one of them, make sure you take a break or switch drivers during the trip so the driver is properly rested.

12. Don’t restrict your visibility: With people, gifts, and travel bags, many vehicles are often filled to capacity during the holiday season. Make sure that you pack the car in a way that does not restrict your vision.

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