For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone watches eTalk, CTV’s cheesy, rubbery entertainment news show. Between Ben Mulroney‘s flat, uncharismatic work as the show’s host, and the lame stories that never go more than skin deep, I haven’t been able to watch more than 5 minutes of the show in years.

(To be fair, I can’t stand watching much of any of the entertainment news since it’s all basically the same show, with little real personality, and again – no intelligent reporting.)

So, when I was on the CTV website today looking up details on Lost (the season finale that airs tonight), and the site asked me to participate in a survey – I couldn’t resist.

Mostly, they’re looking for information on how their entertainment news stacks up against other shows, but I thought it was really interesting that they also asked my opinion on whether “eTalk Network” should become the new name of Star! TV, the channel.

My reaction is of course, hell no. CHUM created a great brand with Star!, and it was one of the few such stations I have ever enjoyed (for the record, I have always loved the show Startv – mainly because Liz West and Dina Pugliese rock and are fantastic hosts/entertainment reporters).

Anyway, for your entertainment, here’s the logo they presented during the survey as the possible replacement for Star! I’ll be curious to see if they go ahead with this, and since I have no faith in anyone wanting to see a truly clever entertainment news channel, or in CTV being brave enough to do something original without Ben (prove me wrong, guys!), I’m guessing we’ll see this plastered everywhere in a few months…

etalk Network

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