CruZ-ing the jungle

Braun Bodycruzer

The BodycruZer

For most guys, body hair is what I would call a taboo subject. We just don’t give it a second thought, but it’s not a topic we’re keen to discuss either. So when I got Braun’s BodycruZer a while back to test out I wasn’t wild about the concept of writing about it.

I will admit the thing is useful – I’m no Robin Williams, but I did my duty and tried it out, and it’s cool. But, what can I really say about it? If it’s not abundantly clear yet, the BodycruZer is a waterproof electric shaver that also has a razor on it to help men tackle the fine art of Manscaping.

Think of it as a beard trimmer, that’s skinnier and doesn’t have any plug or wires. It comes with a base you just sit it in, and somehow it magically recharges the battery. Once it’s charged up you can put on a few attachments (no, it doesn’t come with shapes or patterns) and use it in or out of the shower. It is incredibly easy to use, and if you’re really going for “clean cut” the razor on the back will take care of business.

Since I got it a few weeks ago, I’ve used it a couple of times, and it’s well made, but my question for you guys out there today is how much you would use the BodycruZer? Or ladies, do you wish that your man would pick one up?

As Michael (Mr. PR) put it, after all: It’s a jungle down there.

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