Introducing: Lexy and the Kill’s “We Can Dance Alone”

by W. Andrew Powell
Lexy and the Kill

Watch the debut video from Lexy and the Kill, “We Can Dance Alone,” which was produced by Nexus, of Lana Del Ray fame, and shot in Cumbria, in the U.K.

Fronted by 20-year-old Lexy, the five-piece band from London are getting lots of attention for the single, which is about “secret, unrequited love between two friends,” according to the press release. The b-side, “The Ballad of Love and Hate,” is “a dark, heartbreaking song about the pain of an abusive relationship and the tragic destruction it causes.”

Listen to the band’s two previous free songs, “Rope Swing” and “Black Dog” on SoundCloud.

“We Can Dance Alone” will be released on June 4, 2013.

Watch Lexy and the Kill’s “We Can Dance Alone”:

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