Waiting for Hollywood

by W. Andrew Powell

This is a really quick post to let you know that if you really want to see the full list of stars who will be at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, I’ve posted the whole thing on The GATE’s Facebook page.

Many of the “usuals” are back, like George Clooney and Brad Pitt, but I think I’m most excited about people like Evangeline Lilly, The Edge, Jeff Goldblum, and The Coen Brothers… just to name a select few.

TIFF also announced the full list of films finally (there was no final public press conference it seems) and the big one that jumps out at me is Burn After Reading, but that’s purely from the Hollywood side of things. JCVD, Control Alt Delete and Passchendaele are probably the two other films that immediately leap to mind.

I’ll have my film fest coverage rolling very shortly, so stay tuned, but for now if you want to see the list, head over to Facebook (plus, keep in mind I’ll be posting some stuff there all the time during the festival).

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