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One night at the ever-classic Omni Mount Washington Resort

After the mist has cleared

After the mist has cleared

Some mornings are just better than others. On an average day I might be walking to the subway, but this morning I walked around the Omni Mount Washington Resort and took in the hills and mountains as the mist shone with the first light of the day.

Like I said, some mornings are just that much better.

This is only the second time I’ve stayed at the Mount Washington Resort, and Aisha and I, along with our little girl, Evy, have been soaking up every minute of the hotel’s charms. It’s the kind of place where I could see myself writing a great novel finally, or even just taking a breather from the average busy month in Toronto.

The resort is in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest, and it’s an old-world gem that is timeless, classy, and one of my favorite places to escape. Best of all, it just happens to be a fairly easy drive from Toronto, which is why we discovered it one trip when we were driving through New Hampshire on our way to explore Mount Washington.

One of my favorite details at the resort is the historic building’s huge veranda, which circles the entire hotel. In the right weather, the view from outside on the veranda is spectacular–right out of a dream–but even from inside, the view looks like it was taken from a painting with the mountains rising in the distance.

The resort is also situated in the middle of a huge stretch of land, that offers fantastic views of those mountains and hills, which is great for a stroll just about any time of day, and it’s especially beautiful in the fall as the leaves change.

Aisha and I came here to stay the first time after we got married, and it’s always been one of our favorite hotels.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there are a few restaurants and bars throughout the resort, a store, an arcade, a heated outdoor pool, and of course, golf for the folks who enjoy that sort of thing.

I’m not going to go into a full review here, because I really just wanted to share some photos from this morning at the resort, but it’s worth the trip, especially if you can spend a few days enjoying the location and the atmosphere. This isn’t so much a review as it is a personal recommendation. There are very few places in North America like this, and this place is a wonderful experience.

The only suggestion I would give is to skip the horse and carriage ride, which was a little disappointing. It’s $25 per person, if you are willing to share the ride, or $75 per person if you want privacy. Since it’s a little cool here still, and it was rainy yesterday, the carriage had a cover over it, which makes it hard to take in the scenery. Worse, however, is the fact that the carriage ride only takes you down the driveway and back again, which is a view I can enjoy from my car. Instead of paying for the carriage ride, go visit the stables while you’re here to see the magnificent horses, and save the money for a meal experience at the posh main dining room, or Stickney’s.

Omni Mount Washington Resort
Morning mist from the veranda
Looking out over the top of the convention center
The back veranda
Comfy seats on the back veranda
Looking into the mist
A chandelier in the main hall
The mist starts to clear over the valley
Looking over the valley
A perfect view of the mountains
The "back yard" of the Omni Mount Washington Resort
After the mist has cleared
Across the back veranda
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