Kiesza at Juno Fan Fare

Social side of the #Junos in Hamilton

by W. Andrew Powell

The Juno Awards are more than a few days of events and music, and it’s more than an awards show. Here in Hamilton the city is buzzing with visitors and activities, and the highlight reel of all that activity is right up there on social media, which is a bit of a glimpse into what the Junos really represent.

Covering the Junos, like I’ve been doing on The GATE since 2000, it’s impossible not to turn to Twitter now to catch some of what’s going on. I use Instagram and Facebook to share stories, not to mention YouTube, but I tend to turn more to Twitter overall to track and share major events that I’m covering, and that’s because it’s got a bit of everything–news bites, photos, video, and the personal side as well.

So, of course I’m following the #Junos hashtag leading into the awards show on Sunday night, and after they pinged me a few facts, I thought I should share a few as a glimpse into what the awards are all about.

First off, there’s popularity. That term gets a bad name a lot of the time, but there’s something to be said for the fact that so many artists at the Juno Awards are internationally known. These are big stars, and the Junos represent a chance to be proud of what Canadian music has been doing.

So, in terms of popularity, Twitter revealed that, for Single of the Year, the most popular nominated track is “Hold On, We’re Going Home” feat. Majid Jordan by @Drake, which maybe should not surprise anyone. After Drake’s track, the most popular songs are “Hideaway” by @Kiesza, followed by “Rude” by Magic! (@ournameisMAGIC), “Crazy for You” by Hedley (@Hedleyonline), and “We’re All In This Together” by Sam Roberts Band (@samrobertsband).

If you look just at nominated performers in the big categories, The Weeknd (@theweeknd comes out on top with the most mentions.

Beyond popularity, Twitter is also where people go to sound off about everything. It’s about reviews, feedback, rants and love, and interviews–wherever those fit in that list–and more often than not, that’s where I get the word out about who I’ve been interviewing.

And then, there’s the whole local side of social media. No matter where you are, and where you want to find out about, you can hone in on that with the right handle or hashtag. For a big event like the Junos, there’s a lot to find.

Whether you’re here in Hamilton, or just looking for highlights from the events, Twitter is also deploying the Twitter Mirror, GIF Mirror, and Vine Booth throughout the weekend, to give you that front-row seat, no matter where you are.

By now you’ve likely seen a lot of that coverage, if you’re a fan of some artists here at the Junos, thanks to the Twitter Mirror, which was at Juno Fan Fare today at Lime Ridge Mall. Plus, tonight the GIF Mirror is here at the Juno Gala Dinner (where I’m sitting now in the press room). Then tomorrow, Sunday, the Twitter Mirror will be backstage at the Juno Awards broadcast, and the Vine Booth will be on the red carpet.

Follow The GATE on Twitter for more coverage all weekend, and have your say in the comments below about your favorite stars or moments so far this weekend. Otherwise here are a couple of popular tweets from the Junos so far today:

Photo of Kiesza by CARAS\iPhoto.

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