Lost - Season 5

The cast of Lost, season five

Let me just say that I’m kinda peeved with CTV right now.

Last week I was at Aisha’s house watching the return of Lost, and I didn’t really pay attention to the channel we were watching the show on. It was a good return to form for the series, and as addicted as I am, I’m already dying to see how this season plays out (What’s happening to Charlotte? Who attacked the survivors? And how will Locke die, and is he just somehow kinda dead?).

This morning though, I asked Aisha to look at the TV guide for me to see when Lost was on tonight, and as it turns out, it’s on ‘A’.

Uh, ‘A’? As in the other station CTV owns, which used to be called A-Channel?

If you don’t read my blog much, you may not realize this, but I don’t have cable. It’s too expensive, and I’ve never seen the point… until now.

But why on Earth did CTV ditch Lost? Are the ratings that bad?

And the replacement is Criminal Minds, a show that is getting higher viewership this season, but let’s just be clear here: is CTV so desperate for ratings that all they are going to show now is American Idol and cop shows?

Let’s take a look at their schedule… they have CSI Miami on Mondays, Fringe and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on Tuesdays, Criminal Minds and CSI New York on Wednesdays, CSI on Thursdays, Flashpoint on Fridays (with CSI New York again on late-night), a triple dose of Law & Order: CI on Saturdays, and The Mentalist and CSI New York again on Sunday.

Are you kidding me?

Up until now I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t watching CTV much at all any more (Aisha and I end up watching American Idol on occasion, especially since the auditions are hilarious), but now I get it; there’s nothing worth watching on there anymore anyway.

I’ll tune in on Mondays for the brief interlude of comedy CTV is willing to air, namely The Big Bang Theory, and Two and Half Men, but with Lost gone from the station, the next night I’ll tune in would be Friday for Flashpoint, the only cop show I actually like.

So, my point in all this? CTV might have big viewership because they’ve piled themselves up with all these awful, derivative cop shows, but for anyone like me, who can’t stand such a thing, they’re seriously painting themselves into a corner that will keep me (and probably at least a few others) as far away from them as possible.

P.S. etalk sucks.

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5 Responses

  1. J. MacMillan

    It is 8:30 p.m. and last week’s Lost is playing on ABC. I love the program, but I just shut off the TV because it’s so annoying to see all these speech bubbles constantly appear. It’s like watching a movie and a person beside you is explaining the movie to a person beside them. It ruins it.

    In frustration, I checked every channel. They’re all the same. All ruined. Congratulations ABC. You’ve turned one of the most ardent fans off your network.


    ctv.ca has the show available to watch on is website if thats any consilation for ya
    Cheers and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  3. Marilyn Powell as in Mother Dearest

    My feelings exactly, and I don’t even watch “Lost”! I am completely disgusted because we don’t have Cable and everything we want to see would be on CTV or CBC here in NB and CTV has clearly gotten rid of everything other than “cop” shows, as you say, Andrew! I had read awhile back that they were going to do that, but I find it totally unacceptable. We have never discussed this, but we are in complete agreement for sure. There were a lot of shows I would love to see, other than CSI’s and Law and Order, time and time again, although I do enjoy them all!

  4. Patrick

    CTV are nothing but a bunch of greedy, lazy bastards. All they air is American programming, they make no effort to create any new Canadian content. A 5-year-old could manage their network… all they’d have to do is pick a program from ABC to air at 8:00, a program from Fox to air at 9:00, etcetera. And in addition they make tons of money from simultaneous substitution (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simultaneous_substitution).

    My recommendation for you is this: If you live near the US border, try to get an ABC signal over-the-air. It’s free, and you’ll be able to watch Lost. Since “A-channel” isn’t an over-the-air broadcaster, this is not possible with them.

    If you don’t live near the border, get the cheapest cable subscription possible and ensure that you have ABC. Canadian networks are useless.

  5. Anita

    What is really lame is that as I have basic cable for lost on abc, and near the end of every episode it cuts out to the global feed and I miss the ending until I watch it the next day on thank god, ctv.ca. In Canada we can’t view American content from American sites. So lame though.