Best. Ever. April 11, 2009

by W. Andrew Powell



“Best. Ever.” is a weekly conglomeration of things that made my week. And there was much rejoicing. (Special thanks to my Facebook friends for a couple of the links.)

Two of my favorite things together at last: miniatures and Hollywood sets. Check out On the set‘s work, remaking sets he apparently saw as a kid. My favorite: Cheers.

Verbinski ditches ‘Pirates’ for undersea monsters
While I have no ill will towards another Pirates movie (although the third one kinda sucked), I’m quietly optimistic that Gore Verbinski is doing the right thing by moving on and focusing on the Bioshock movie. *Fingers crossed*

Moronic actor proves he’s a douchebag on CBC
Talented or not, there are certain people I can’t help hating, and this guy was at the top of my list for years. He just happened to prove to a lot of people at once that he really is that big a twit, and frankly, I love when idiots out themselves. “Don’t ask me about my acting career… I’m a singer.” If you don’t know who I’m talking about, just Google “douchebag actor CBC” and look who shows up.

‘Fable II’ gets second add-on
Lionhead Studios announced their latest add-on for Fable II, “See the Future” where the reward for restoring balance to Albion in the latest quest is a glimpse of the future. The first add-on, Knothole Island, was a bit of a dud admittedly, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one. (As points out, there’s no specific date for the release, yet.)

Leprechaun brothers do “Danny Boy”
Ah, the Muppets at their best. If I was Irish, I might be offended.

(While we’re on the Muppet theme, I’m also a big fan of the Lord of the Rings/Muppet Show opening.)

“Take a Bow,” Watchmen
Okay, last video, but I had to add this one in since it includes my favorite band. It’s a timeline of clips from the Watchmen movie, set to Muse‘s incredible “Take a Bow“.

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