Where did all the stories go?

by W. Andrew Powell

It feels a little like I’ve abandoned my blog, and that’s only because this has been the busiest year pretty much ever. Maybe I’m overstating that, but it seems like every time I turn around there’s a new little project, or a big one, and they’re all eating into my time – even just my time to write a few notes.

Things are only going to get busier with the summer, but I actually expect to have enough time to keep up regular posts more often.

The good news though is that my favorite season is almost here. I’m not even talking about summer – I just mean that time between May and the end of September when there are non-stop concerts and events. NXNE, the MuchMusic Video Awards, Edgefest, Wakestock, Fan Expo, The Ex, and of course, my favorite, the Toronto International Film Festival.

(I also have high hopes that I’ll find a way to get to the San Diego Comic-Con, but right now that’s just a hope.)

Otherwise, lots of good stuff is coming. The email newsletter is getting an overhaul and will be relaunched for June, I’ve got a few contests coming then as well, and next week I’ll have a review of Angels & Demons.

Oh, and don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates: twitter.com/thegate.

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