‘Food, Inc.’ is worth a taste

Food, Inc.
Food, Inc.
Okay, June is really under way now and I’m back in the action. Just returned from a surprise trip to New York City last week (more on that soon), went to an event celebrating Aeroplan’s 25th anniversary today, and NXNE is coming up, but I wanted to post a little something about a movie I’ve been hearing a lot about.

(And no, I’m not talking about Transformers.)

Food, Inc. is a documentary by director Robert Kenner about the food industry that feeds North America.

Focusing on food production, contamination issues, and the sustainability of current practices, the film is largely aimed at issues found in America, but there’s no question that it relates to Canada on almost every level.

Let’s face it, over the last 20 years people have developed some bad habits, and at the same time food producers have dispatched with quality in favour of quick and cheap.

I don’t think I need to get on a pulpit here, most people know that buying local, unprocessed food is the right way to go, but if nothing else go check out their website at www.foodincmovie.com.

Food, Inc. comes out in the U.S. this Friday, June 12, and opens in Toronto and Montreal on June 19.

Watch the trailer:

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  1. I work for Monsanto and am really concerned about the topics addressed by the movie.

    I felt very dissapointed to find out all the misinformation included in this film.

    If you want to hear the other side of the story go to http://www.monsanto.com/foodinc

  2. I appreciate that you’re up front about working for Monsanto. I think the key is that people need to consider everything about what they’re eating. Too many of us, myself included, take our food for granted.