‘The Final Destination’ is one ridiculous ride

by W. Andrew Powell

The Final Destination

The Final Destination

Don’t judge me too harshly (I’m reviewing it after all), but I’m currently watching the hilariously awful The Final Destination on Blu-ray, which reaches a whole new level of ridiculousness after the last three films. And yet somehow, I still have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining.

Okay, not as entertaining as the first two films, but still watchable if you like this kind of thing – you know, cartoonish death sequences executed like multiple scenes from a lame version of Dead Like Me.

The worst part though? Please people, just don’t buy any DVD or Blu-ray disc just because it claims to be in “3-D”. It’s not “3-D” if it uses those stupid red and blue glasses (which, FYI, they all do). All you get is a really ugly image that is kind-of 3-D, but mostly just annoying.

Back to the movie I go… I hope I survive this.

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