The laptop search is on

by W. Andrew Powell

Much like a good pair of jeans, there comes a point every couple of years where you’re better off replacing your computer rather than trying to make it work any longer. Maybe if you’re careful you can hold out a few extra months, but while I’ve had one pair of jeans for close to five years, it’s always a matter of a couple of years for me and my laptops, which get the brunt of my worst computer habits.

I’m currently running my 10″ laptop into the ground, after more than four years of use (epic longevity, by my standards), but I’m long overdue for a replacement. When using the internet is even starting to get slow, you know it’s time.

Considering how many amazing little netbooks there are now, I’m seriously considering picking up something small so I can just write on the go and post anywhere. I’m wondering though if anyone can recommend a system they’ve been using? I have some favorites out there, but I’d really like a few suggestions for people who have actually used some of the new netbooks or small laptops. Only musts for me are that it’s a PC, cheap and cheerful, has a decent battery life for its size, and won’t freeze if I’m multitasking.

Any thoughts?

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