My Lifestream weekly digest for March 6th

by W. Andrew Powell

My Lifestream archive for the past week including my posts on Twitter,, and Tumblr.

Not gonna tweet the entire closing Olympic ceremony, but why was Prime Minister Stephen Harper NOT singing the national anthem? Fail? [thegate]
Agreeing with all the other tweeters, Inward Eye? Not that I dislike them, but seems like an odd choice. [thegate]
RT @ebertchicago: Notice: The nation of Canada will resume limited functions in about an hour. Full service is expected by sometime Tuesday. [thegate]
RT @Sony_Music: For those unfamiliar with Inward Eye, you can download a free EP at [thegate]
Lip syncing makes me want to gouge out my eyes. And ears. Can’t anyone fake it a bit better at the very least? Plus, this song sucks. [thegate]
Is it just me or are there a hell of a lot of ads during the closing ceremony? [thegate]
Yes, thank you. RT @christineestima: WHY OH WHY do brits call it "ice hockey?" IT’S HOCKEY. no one says "snow skiing" or "water swimming." [thegate]
Great idea. Let’s create a two week long artistically driven event that airs non-stop around the world. Let’s bond over art for a change. [thegate]
I realize that last tweet makes me sound like a hippy, but it is amusing to me. [thegate]
William Shatner. Best. Ever. [thegate]
This is getting painful. Who wrote the jokes? [thegate]
Great, bad jokes about Canada playing on stupid stereotypes? Thank God Michael J. Fox is here to save the day. [thegate]
Michael Buble with babes in Mountie outfits. Thank you for bringing some charm to this night. [thegate]
That’s it, I’m done. [thegate]
Thank-you, I was wondering the same thing. RT @gagliese: Did someone put drugs in my water? WTF is going on?! [thegate]
RT @christineestima: nickelback, really? I WANT THE PICKLE [thegate]
Okay, done with the Olympics. Time for some ‘Mass Effect 2’ [thegate]
And I can’t believe I missed k-os. I’m guessing CTV’s website will have that… [thegate]
Published A Real Question.
Listened to 10 songs.
Listened to 2 songs.
RT @TheJUNOAwards: You can watch the nominee press conference on the ctv website at!#junoawards [thegate]
The 2010 Juno noms are out. RT @CBCRadio3: Here’s the entire list of 2010 Juno Nominees: [thegate]
Listened to 34 songs.
Could be wrong, but this year’s Academy Awards looks like an easy one for predictions. We’ll see on Sunday when I live tweet the event. [thegate]
Film Friday reviews Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and a look at Antoine Fuqua’s ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’: [thegate]
Listened to 30 songs.
Published "Oh shi-".
In case you missed it – Michael Bublé leads 2010 Juno Award nominations: [thegate]
Calling all musicians: send us your music: [thegate]
Listened to 45 songs.

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