Sarcasm: The Documentary with Michael Moore

by W. Andrew Powell

Michael Moore's Capitalism A Love Story
Right now I’m finally watching Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story. I like his movies for what they are, but it is hard to call one of them a “documentary”. Compared to a film like Food, Inc. Moore’s films aren’t exactly “balanced”.

That’s not such a bad thing though. Moore has a compelling style, and he makes great points. As a Canadian (well, a dual citizen who has grown up completely in Canada), his films are eye-opening because they look into nooks and crannies most of us don’t get to see very often.

Canadians know a fair bit about America; we live so close together that it’s only natural, but some of the facts in this movie are hard to come to grips with.

My problem with this film is just that Moore’s song and dance routine has maybe gotten a bit out of hand. The editing, the voice-overs, and the music feel a little obnoxious, rather than insightful. This is a serious topic that deserved a documentary, but Moore laid the sarcasm on a little thick.

I haven’t finished the film yet though, so we’ll see how the second half goes. I’ll have the full review in DVD Tuesday next week.

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