My quick ‘Halo Reach’ multiplayer pre-preview

Halo Reach - Kiva Battle Campaign
Halo Reach - Kiva Battle Campaign

Just got back from an evening playing a pre-beta version of Halo Reach multiplayer. Looks a lot like what you would expect, with a few new twists and turns, of course.

I’ll play multiplayer a bit, but probably not as much as I’ll play what I consider to be the real game – the story mode. It’s always fun to see new Halo multiplayer, but there are rarely many surprises and I’m almost totally really fixated on what we’re going to see in the story, rather than how I’m going to get my ass handed to me by a bunch of 15-year-olds.

Right now I’m not alltogether sure what I can talk about, but I’ll have a bit to show you on April 21, and then a lot more after April 26. The first batch of updates will be a bunch of photos from the game, and then I’ll have video after that.

So, which part are you excited about?

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