Sorry America, you’re not getting my money for this disaster

by W. Andrew Powell

Tumblr Oil Donation Request
Earlier today this little button popped up on the Tumblr website, and I just had to vent a little about it.

For me, Tumblr is wonderful, and I’m a big fan of how the site is run and the causes they support, but when I saw this request on the sidebar today, I kind of flipped out.

It’s cool that people care about the environment, and I like the way Tumblr approached it (they even changed the entire theme of the site’s dashboard to an oily black), but I’m sorry America/oil-mongers, there’s just no freaking way I’m donating a cent to your cleanup fund. Oil companies have made billions off of the mess they dig up, and it feels like they’ve gouged us for years on top of that. This mess is one company’s fault, and they’d better clean it up with their own cash.

Hopefully, they’ll go bankrupt from it, but that seems incredibly unlikely.

If it comes to it, America seems to have billions trillions for all these war efforts. Maybe they can sell off a few tanks and million-dollar missiles to sop up some of the crude out there.

This is not like any other disaster. Someone can be blamed, and no one should be donating for the cause.

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