Is the PSP worth it?

by W. Andrew Powell

As of yet, I still don’t own a PlayStation Portable or an Xbox 360 and I’m beginning to wonder which I should aim for first. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

The Xbox 360 doesn’t seem to have a lot of games out yet, and as far as I can see, I’m not even wild about any of the games that are out, but the games on the Xbox Live Marketplace aren’t bad. I also love that it’s a whole media machine, and I’m sure there are going to be games in the fall that I’ll want.

On the other hand, the PSP just sounds cool because it travels and plays movies/video files. The death of the UMD format kinda sucks, and I almost wonder if a second version of the unit won’t be launched, but I really don’t need a portable game machine.

Hmm, the more I think about it, maybe I just should wait since neither of the machines really is driving me to go out and buy one. Any thoughts folks?

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