See ya ’round, Howard

by W. Andrew Powell

Toronto’s Mix 99.9 has done it again – canning their other morning show personality after a vacation to make room for development of a new AM drive program. Humble Howard has been around the airwaves in this city since I first came to town, and throughout it all he’s been an awesome host. I can understand the reasons why they fired him, basically that the show hasn’t attracted new listeners, but I just hate the way they let him go away on vacation and then never brought him back. It just seems kind of shady.

They also didn’t update their site to say “Sorry, we’ll miss you” – the section of the site is just gone. Bang. Missing. See ya.

Now, with both Humble and Fred gone from Mix, I’m not sure I’ll listen in the morning any more. I’m really hoping for them to reinvent the show, but I dread the kind of idiot(s) who could come in.

For a very low fee though I’d be happy to offer my consultation services. I just can’t promise to not mention how much Humble & Fred will be missed.

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