Sometimes the world baffles me. Like today, when I heard that The Docks nightclub on Cherry Street has had their liquor license pulled for good… because the people living on the Toronto Islands can’t stand the noise of the bar.

Now, I get that their little community is right across the water from The Docks, and I think the people who live there have every right to live there, but I don’t think this decision makes any sense. The bar is bringing an appeal forward to fight it out, but it’s hard to say what will happen. Seems to me though like the liquor board is stretching the rules here…

That said, The Docks has to be the most inconveniently located bar/nightclub on the planet. I’ve gone there a half-dozen times and it’s always been a hassle. Kind of a cool place, but unless you’re driving, it’s barely worth the trip. The concert space is also ridiculously designed, unless you’re standing within the first 20 feet of the stage.

Once again BlogTO has a great article on what’s happening.

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