Isaiah Mustafa returns for Old Spice’s ‘Questions’

by W. Andrew Powell

Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice's latest ad, Questions

Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice's latest ad, Questions

Mr. “I’m on a horse” is back for an advertising sequel in the latest Old Spice commercial that the company is calling “Questions”.

Former football star Isaiah Mustafa stars in his second Old Spice ad that once again blurs the line between what is actually happening in the ad, and what is just a computer generated special effect. It’s another impressive ad that looks impossible, and yet still appears like it was done using good, old-fashioned props and visual tricks, rather than full on digital images.

Check out the video below. My only complaint? It clearly should have ended with the line, “I’m on a motorcycle.”

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1 comment

Jim July 2, 2010 - 6:05 am

That would have been the cheap shot. I LOVE the fact they did not fall into that trap. As everyone was waiting for the final twist, they needed to do something different. And they did it, even twofold. Very unexpected. No need for that line.

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