Zero Punctuation: E3 and motion controls

by W. Andrew Powell

Zero Punctuation's E3 2010 reviewE3 has come and gone, but for hardcore gamers it’s time to analyze the announcements and decide what we really think of the coming months and all the promised goodies that the developers revealed.

Cue Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and his annual Zero Punctuation review of all things E3. The highlight this year? The stupidity of motion controls.

Here’s a choice quote and then scroll down for the video goodness direct from The Escapist.

“Gaming should be about games, not about controllers. Controllers as they stand are a perfectly adequate conduit for connecting man to machine by way of thumbs.

Delude yourself all you like with videos of happy families in pastel coloured shirts spending quality time with bouncy castle simulators but in the long term people want to play games the same way they want to read books or watch TV — slouched on the settee with a big bag of Maltesers.”

Watch the video:

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