I hate myself today

by W. Andrew Powell

This Justin Timberlake kid drives me up the wall. Whenever I see him open his stupid mouth I get mad, and when I went to see Christina Aguilera for the “Stripped & Justified” tour I only stayed for 5 minutes of his set before I left in disgust.

The problem is, it’s not his music I hate. It’s HIM. He can’t dance for shit people, he just can’t. And he has the attitude of a twerp whenever I see him talk. I’m also so tired of his old songs…

That said, I’m shamed to tell you that I can’t get “Sexy Back” out of my head. It’s just like candy – you know it’s bad for you, but you can’t help loving it. I refuse to post the video here, but you can watch it over at YouTube.com if you really want to see his stupid face sing this awesome song.

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