Stupidity in the air

by W. Andrew Powell

Things are just getting a tad stupid for me these days. I understand there are security threats, but I’m increasingly thinking I couldn’t care less about flying anywhere again. It’s not that I care about going through security – I’m actually through caring about being treated like a criminal since there seems to be no end in sight to that current reality – my problem is that I don’t understand how I’m supposed to check luggage that contains a laptop and camera equipment. If I actually believed it was going to be handled properly I might be less concerned, but shall we be serious here? When it that going to happen?

Now, I know it’s not an issue yet in Canada or the U.S., but is it just a matter of time? And why on earth would I want to fly to the U.K. if I have to be manhandled in and out of the country? No books, no MP3 players, etc. etc. on those flights either? That is one long flight to be bored out of your mind on.

Finally though, isn’t this just a question of properly screening people when they enter the airport’s restricted zone? Can’t we just get a process in place everywhere that solves this? Well, apparently not. Until then, I’m thinking I’m not in such a big rush and maybe I’ll just take the train everywhere…

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