‘Instant’ diss

Had a good little visit to the set of CTV’s Instant Star today, and spoke to a bunch of the cast, including Tim Rozon and Wes “Maestro” Williams (not to mention someone new who will be joining the cast next season), but I ended up being dissed by Alexz Johnson‘s management. Apparently her manager now needs to approve all set visit interviews and because mine wasn’t pre-approved, I didn’t get time with her.

Not a big deal – I got photos and an interview with her before – but it’s times like this that I wonder if managers (and maybe actors too?) realize how much they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Publicity is a good thing and every little bit helps. If the studio/network has invited journalists in, it’s probably pretty safe to let them write about your talent.

As a side note though it’s worth mentioning that this is set visit #2 for me this month. Hoping to get a couple more in before September hits!

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