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Proposed ‘Salt’ sequel titles

Angelina Jolie in Salt

After tonight’s screening of Salt, which stars Angelina Jolie, I’ve been thinking a lot about sequel names. I can’t review the film until Friday, but I don’t think it’s any big surprise that the film really wants to be the first part of a franchise.

(I also couldn’t help but overhear critic Richard Crouse behind me making a few excellent comments that I hope make it into his Metro Toronto review this week.)

For your potential amusement, here are my top picks for sequel titles:

Salt 2: The Briney Depths
Salt 2: Against the Grain
Salt 2: This Time, It’s Kosher
Salt: Saline Solution

and of course…

Salt & Pepper: Dash of Danger

I’m also trying to figure out how the Russians became a credible threat again at the movies, but whatever; I guess it’s suddenly 1984 again.

Salt opens in theatres on Friday — check back then for my full review, and add your top picks for sequel titles below.

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