From Summer to Fall

by W. Andrew Powell

Goodbye summer. It’s pretty much official at this point, right? The Ex ended today, the weather has been getting colder, and the Toronto Film Fest kicks off later this week. The signs are all over the place, but I have to admit it’s more disturbing than I expected.

I mean, it’s been a great summer. There’s been a lot to do, the weather has been almost perfect, and I feel like I’ve actually been productive. So, watching it come to an end, even when I have so much to look forward to, isn’t so easy.

But, if I have to bid adieu to the warm weather I have found some things that make it easier.

Oddly enough, television is pretty helpful. It’s that whole mood factor I guess, and nothing says fall to me more than Dead Like Me, the now defunct show that only lasted two seasons, but still makes me smile.

It just hit me today after I realized how over summer was that I had to start watching it again. Of course, if life was perfect the show would still be on TV and returning right about now, but it’s better than nothing.

George: So, my whole life, everything, all I get to keep are thoughts and memories?
Rube: That’s all we ever have peanut.

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