Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson

This morning I got to thinking how much I love music videos — like, a lot — and while there quite a few that suck (hello Ke$ha), there are so many worth watching again and again.

In the spirit of that mood, I’ve decided to post a music video every Monday for all of you to admire, mock, and discuss. Not all of them will be recent ones, some may not even be that popular, but I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorites.

This week, I couldn’t resist Fefe Dobson’s cheestastic new video, “Ghost”.

After disappearing under some rock a few years ago she’s emerged with a song I love more than I want to admit, and a video that could have been made in the 80s (can someone please explain why Fefe is berating her lover from the ceiling?). It will undoubtedly inspire many a love-lorn youth however, and for that, we pay at least some small tribute…

“Ghost” by Fefe Dobson

P.S. For you Canadians out there, the title of this series is totally a tribute to CBC’s original 80s TV series, Video Hits.

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