Can you forgive me Paul?

by W. Andrew Powell

I don’t normally use photos of anyone if there’s any way that it could be considered, well, negative. Generally speaking, when I get a chance to take photos of celebrities of any shape or sort, I consider it a privilege rather than a right, so I try not to post shots where they might look a little goofy (and God knows I have a number of them).

But last night in the VIP lounge at the TIFF After Party at the Liberty Grand I had a chance to walk up to Academy Award winner Paul Haggis and ask for a photo. The problem was, he was distracted by the fact that someone bumped into him and spilled his drink on his hand, and then thought that my first two test flashes (the camera does it to make sure the focus is okay) were the picture… which meant that he then scratched his nose as I actually took the shot.

Mr. Haggis will just have to forgive me for posting this, but since he didn’t look prepared for me to take another shot, I figured – what the hell, it’s kinda funny…

Paul Haggis

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