TIFF Report – The thing with stars

by W. Andrew Powell

The media really does have a funny view of the world. It’s hard not to let it affect you somewhat when you line up along a velvet rope and take pictures of people coming into a building. Last night’s red carpet at the after party was fun, but a little fruitless. I mean, there were some stars and all, but Paul Haggis was the only highlight.

That’s not for lack of trying though.

Mr. “Shy Of The Media” k-os (he’s a singer if you don’t know) showed up with some of his band friends, and he literally ran through the media as he made his way in the door. Just before that some of the other photographers pushed their cameras toward him for a shot, and he looked like someone was trying to attack him.

Now, I understand he hates the media, and I understand that photographers have to respect how some artists feel about cameras, but k-os just seems to take it so far. He’s a brilliantly gifted musician, and he’s got a face that was made to be photographed, but his attitude is really off-putting. Even at the Junos when he won two years ago he kind of came off like a jerk.

That’s his perogative though, and good on him for not being a media whore like most of the other Canadian stars, but here’s the clincher… he about to release a new CD. Wouldn’t you think he would want some press for that? I’d love to get some photos and write about him and the new abum, but I’m really not as inclined any more. If Johnny Depp (who possibly hates the media even more than k-os) can show up last year and schmooze the hell out of the press, why can’t k-os be just a little bit more friendly?

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