Falling in

by W. Andrew Powell

The Open DoorGot Evanescence‘s new CD The Open Door yesterday and have been listening to it both for my upcoming review, and in preparation for the concert at the Kool Haus on Thursday night. My crush on Amy Lee just got a little worse [laugh].

Really looking forward to the concert actually – I wasn’t sure I’d even get in, but Wind-up (the record label) is very, very good to me (thanks, Lisa!). The great thing about the CD though is that it really is a step forward from the last CD, Fallen. People blathered on about how the music might not be as good now that Ben Moody is gone, but obviously they were wrong. It’s a really epic CD – big sound, emotionally charged, and dark. Anyone who loved Fallen will love this one too.

But, enough of my gushing – you’ll likely have to endure one more post about how much I loved the concert, but I’ll try and restrain myself after that… maybe.

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