Goodbye again, Miami

by W. Andrew Powell

If you’ve been wondering where I vanished to, or why the site hasn’t been updated in the last few days, it’s because I took a real vacation last week and went off to Miami Beach with Aisha. If I hadn’t mentioned this before, I actually lived there for most of 1997, but I hadn’t been back since.

Actually, it wasn’t all about vacation time–I also went to do a travel piece on Miami Beach and was fortunate enough to have stay at the Lily Leon–a great boutique hotel on Collins Avenue.

I’ll have some photos soon from the trip, and I’m also writing up my adventures for a spotlight I plan on posting in December. Now I also have to try and keep up with all the things I missed, write as much up as I can that’s overdue, and get ready for all the new things happening as well! Ack.

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