Love those gadgets

by W. Andrew Powell

Samsung Sports CamcorderI’ve been planning out a holiday gift giving guide to go online next week and I’ve checked out a lot of things from CDs, and DVDs to games, and of course, electronics. The trouble is, I’ve run into a gadget that I love so much, I think I want to run out and buy one now.

It’s called the Samsung Sports Camcorder (SC-X210L) and unlike a lot of video cameras I’ve looked at, it actually has some cool features without making it too complicated. It’s pretty much designed for sports enthusiasts who want to record their experiences – and that’s done with an extra lens that you attach to the camera and then either carry or mount on a little pad that you can wear on a hat or on your arm. Very, very cool – plus it acts as an MP3 player, camera, and audio recorder.

I’m very, very tempted to go buy one after I return the loaner I’ve got – it would make a great new way to interview folks for the site.

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