The Holidays are over?

by W. Andrew Powell

Is anyone else feeling just a bit like the holidays flew by faster than Santa on his jolly red rocket sled? It took me ages to get into the right mood in December, and now I blink and it’s already past New Years Day?

I guess, when it’s all over, I feel like I missed something, and now it’s long gone and a whole year in between me and the batch of Christmas excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about 2007 and 2006 was a wicked year, but I’m feeling a bit lost I guess.

On we go though – nothing like looking forward to a great year – like Winterlicious, Valentine’s Day, Canadian Music Week, the Juno Awards in Saskatoon, and whatever else comes along. Oh yeah, and only nine months until the next Toronto International Film Festival!!

Plus, I might actually keep more of my resolutions this year… but more on that tomorrow.

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