Welcome back Dave, where’s my Vista?

by W. Andrew Powell

All I’ve gotta say is that I’m real proud of Omni.1 for bringing The Late Show with David Letterman back to my poor, old, cable-less TV. I don’t really know what it is about him or the show, but the evenings just weren’t the same without him.

For kicks, instead of embedding the video, head over to YouTube to check out a clip of the show – one of my new faves – Borat!

In other news, is anyone else anxious to find a new computer that has the whole Vista Premium thing going on? I’ve been checking into Dell for a couple weeks now and all I see in the affordable range are “Vista Capabale”. Now, excuse me for being negative, but I like my computers to be a bit more than “Capable”. The Commodore 64 was “capable” of a lot of things, but it’s not what I’d call a dream machine.

Guess I just have to wait for Vista to launch and see what happens, but I’m almost overdue for a new machine and I’m kind of eager to see if it’s going to this miraculous multimedia machine they seem to be promising. If Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7 are any indication though, I’m hopefully optimistic.

And for any Mac fans ready to yell, you may as well give it up because I’ve been into IBM/PCs since the 80s and I’ll likely never understand the attraction to buy a Mac, or an iPod, or whatever. I’ve had my issues with Microsoft, but between my Xbox 360, the cool looking Zune, and all the new software, I’m pretty Microsoft friendly these days.

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