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The long shot: Saskatoon

This is still early to be guessing at, and I hate to admit it openly, but this could be another year where I can’t make it to the Juno Awards.

Back when the Junos first went on the road to Newfoundland I had a hard time coughing up the cash for the expensive flights, and I could barely find a hotel to stay at, so I ended up missing the show. And now, for 2007, when the Junos are headed to Saskatoon, I’m quickly realizing that flights are once again going for one arm, plus one leg.

I’m hoping a happy sponsor will step forward and help me out, but as it stands The GATE doesn’t have the cash to spring this year on covering the awards all up close and personal. I’m dying to go again to get photos, and cover the red carpet, and all of the events, but… we’ll see.

Even if I don’t go I intend to have lots of Juno coverage though, so don’t fret. There will be photos and interviews either way!

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