The iPhone – Love it, or Hate it?

Apple's iPhoneThe hype over Apple products has always baffled me. The designs tend to be cool enough, but I’ve never really seen a need to buy any of their stuff. About the only thing I see worthwhile in the iPod is the fact that it has a huge harddrive (the fact that they fall apart, have crappy batteries, and are tied into the iTunes store too closey make me despise them though).

So, what’s up with this iPhone hype? There’s nothing new in the device, and it’s expensive as hell by the sounds of it.

We’ll see what happens, if it even takes off, but in the meantime check out PC World’s awesome little rant on the device – 20 Things We Don’t Know About the iPhone.

>> Update: Okay, found another article that I thought had some awesome quotes about iPods and the Apple family. Here’s my favorite quote from the Times Online piece about the iPhone itself:

Once it’s been delivered I’ll wager long odds we’ll discover some tragic flaws: perhaps battery life, perhaps screw-ups with carriers. Maybe one of the sensors will fail, and there will be mass recalls. Who cares? It won’t matter. I’m on my third iPod. The first two broke. But I keep going back for more because I, along with several million other love-lorn geeks, have been utterly, utterly had by a sweet-talking billionaire in a black polo neck. We love him. He completes us. And he had us at scrolling.

Read the whole article to get his references, but I love that at least one Apple nut is willing to admit why they keep buying these things when all they seem to do is break.

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