Movie Madness!

by W. Andrew Powell

Aside from Wolverine, Spawn and Batman, Ghost Rider might be one of the coolest comic book characters that ever made it big. To this day he’s still one of my all time faves (Gambit ranks up there somewhere too though), which makes the upcoming movie kind of a cool thing…

…or maybe not.

I don’t know – I love the character, and I actually like the idea of Nick Cage playing him, but the film just looks so damn hoakey. And now that I’ve heard the characters voice, after he’s been transformed, I’m even more convinced it will suck.

That said, I gotta go see it! [laugh]

In other news I saw Catch and Release earlier this week with Aisha and it was pretty damn good. Jennifer Garner is awesome in the movie (and I usually don’t like her), and Timothy Olyphant rocks (as usual). Kevin Smith even does a standup job of being funny, without being too over the top. All-in-all an above average romantic comedy, actually. I’m already looking forward to seeing it again.

And finally, I’ve heard it may suck, but I’m really, really excited about Smokin’ Aces. Reminds me a lot of Snatch, but perhaps it won’t end up being that good. Anyway, it opens Friday, along with Catch and Release, and that moronic looking Blood and Chocolate ($5 says Brooke is DYING for this one. But we’ll cut her some slack since it’s her birthday today – Happy Birthday!)

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