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Google’s year in review: Zeitgeist 2010

Google's Zeitgeist 2010

Google is celebrating and remembering the year that’s almost come and gone with Zeitgeist 2010: a retrospective on all of the news and memorable events that left their mark on the web and throughout Google’s pages.

The nearly 3-minute-long video features everything from the political turmoil in Tailand, the Gulf Oil Spill, to the famous “Double Rainbow” video, Justin Beiber, and of course, even a nod to Wikileaks.

Admittedly, the video is really just an ad for Google’s services, but it’s still a great tribute to some of the notable events from the year that is already starting to feel like it slipped away too fast.

Watch the video: “Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review”

(For another take on the year check out Yahoo! 2010 Year In Review.)

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