It’s Juno nomination day

by W. Andrew Powell

Just headed out the door for the 2007 Juno nominations announcement and I’m hopefully optimistic about the list this year. I’m not sure if CARAS (the folks who run the awards) has changed the rules or not, but I’m hoping we don’t see any Christmas albums up for Best Album of the Year again just because they had massive sales. Sorry folks, but no way is a Christmas album ever going to be so mind blowing that it’s the best album of a year – I just don’t buy that… funny though, a Christmas album could be one of the best sellers.

Anyway, I’m eager to see how many nods k-os will get, and what Alexisonfire will end up with. It should also be interesting to see if there will be any changes to the live broadcast since a lot of people are urging CTV to air more than just rock and pop artists/awards/performances. I doubt any changes are afoot this year, but I’m still hopeful they’ll realize they’re ignoring some big categories (which get handed out quiety the night before during an industry dinner).

Stay tuned for some news and photos later from the event.

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