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Shutterbug sadness

DSC-F717I have to tell you, I get pretty attached to the oddest things. From my MP3 player, and my computer, to even a chair or a pair of boots – they all remind me of something. But when it comes to memories nothing is really as close to me as my cameras. When I bought my new Canon I inevitably stopped using the older Sony because it’s really more of a point-and-shoot with manual functions. It’s still a good camera, but because I’ve moved on to a fully manual camera it just doesn’t make as much sense to use.

The thing is, that camera has been everywhere with me over the last few years. When Aisha and I went away to Aruba, I took photos with that camera, I shot the Toronto International Film Festival for about 3 years with that camera, and I can’t even guess how many concerts and little road trips I shot with it.

So it’s kind of sad for me to realize I had to sell it. I mean, why keep a camera locked away in my house when I could use the cash? I guess I’ll always have the pictures, but there’s no sense in keeping a camera around just to look at.

Yep, I’m a sap – but if you’re feeeling like you need a decent 5 megapixel camera, and you think you can give old Kodos (I named the new camera Kang) a good home, head over to

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