Video Hits: “What The Hell” by Avril Lavigne

by W. Andrew Powell

Avril Lavigne in What The Hell
There are possibly only three good things about this video: Avril, Avril in her underwear, and oh, I don’t know, Avril’s vampire fangs (what can I say, they’re kind of cute).

The point is, this is one of those weeks where I feel more inclined to spotlight a new train wreck of a video–that’s at least worth watching for kicks–than taking the time to hunt for something older and obviously far superior. Sometimes it’s also fun just to wallow in the cheap advertising that is the modern day music video (anyone catch a count of just how many lame-ass things they’re trying to sell in this video? Off the top of my head I’m going to say ten).

I also can’t help myself though–I have a soft spot for Avril Lavigne that makes me do silly things, like blogging about Avril Lavigne, despite the fact that I’m not an 18-year-old girl. Even with the Neanderthal look-alike “boyfriend” they put in the video, I still couldn’t help myself.

Watch Avril Lavigne’s new video “What The Hell” and have your say in the comments below…

Each week in Video Hits I feature a new music video to admire, mock, and discuss. From the great to the awful, whether they’re from twenty years or twenty minutes ago.

For you Canadians out there, the title of this series is totally a tribute to CBC’s original 80s TV series, Video Hits.

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