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Super Bowl 2011 ads: my favorites

Doritos The Best Part

This is my post-Super Bowl tradition: I rush online after the game and find the ads we didn’t get to see here in Canada. Inevitably it’s a sad search because, let’s face it, there are some great ads out there, but there are a lot more terrible ones from companies who have products to shill, but no great concepts to sell them with.

To save you wonderful readers the trouble, here are a few of my favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl. Doritos clearly scored a lot of touchdowns, excuse the pun, but I also loved the Audi, Pepsi Max, NFL, Motorola, to name a few, and the big trailers that debuted (even if Chris Evans as Captain America kind of repulses me).

Doritos: The Best Part

Audi: Release the Hounds

Pepsi Max: Love Hurts

NFL: Best Fans Ever

Motorola: Empower the People

Doritos: House Sitting

Volkswagen: The Force

Mars: Snickers

Coca-Cola: Border


Captain America: The First Avenger

Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides – Extended



Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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